Go Green – Use Plantation Shutters

People everywhere are talking about going green. You too want to do your bit for the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint. A good place to start is your home or office environment. You can easily reduce your energy consumption drastically by making a simple change – replace curtains with plantation shutters. They have a lot of advantages. They let in sunlight. You need not turn on your lights during the day. During summers the shutters keep the interiors shaded and during winters they keep the interiors warm. So you can restrict the usage of air conditioners and heaters too. TimberShades Limited Co. is the best manufacturer in market now.

Laser Hair Removal In Sydney Versus Waxing

You’ll straight away look for a laser hair removal clinic in Sydney after reading this. Laser removes hair permanently by using heat to kill hair follicles. Waxing only pulls out the hair which grows back in about two weeks. Laser will remove all your hair in about 5 to 6 sessions, within a year while waxing will have to be done for life, typically every two weeks. To find the best laser hair removal in Sydney click here.

Side effects of waxing are skin reddening, inflammation, pimples, ingrown hair and pain during the treatment, especially in sensitive areas. Laser is painless or mildly painful when done by qualified technicians and proper equipment. Total cost is actually higher for waxing.